Barcelona (Spain), June 2010

Homosexuality and the Christian faith: two contradictory positions provoking an intense civil and religious debate.
Across several European cities, Gay Pride Day take place under the leadership of associations of religious activists and every year, in a different capitals, is celebrated the European Forum of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Christian Groups. The Forum began in 1982, with the first meeting held in Paris. Initially, only 5 countries joined; today 20 countries are members.

It is a meeting point for those who, within the LGBT Movement, are trying to match their homosexuality with Christian worship. An ecumenical network, the Forum brings together Catholic, Anglican and Protestant traditions, aiming, on one side, at obtaining equal rights and, on the other, at normalizing homosexuality within religious institutions. To the outsider, the Forum may seem to be something of a Christian utopia.